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Calling Out Racial Bias (Kindly)

Choose wisely.

speakingmouthSometimes we have days, even weeks, to anticipate the choices we will make in a difficult conversation.  Other times the opportunity is suddenly before us and we tiptoe trepidatiously into unknown waters.  The latter was the setting for Kellie and I as we spoke innocuously about immigration, heart-centered communication, and other matters.

I had studied for hours on the topic of immigration, thinking that would be the focus of our discussion.  But suddenly our conversation took a very different turn when Kellie heard racial bias in my storytelling about an interaction with a woman of color.

She had a difficult decision to make-  either 1. not say anything and suffer from a lack of congruity in her heart and words, or 2. say something and risk offending me.

She chose #2. Which left me with the choice of how to respond to my friend.  (Watch video below)

Whether you are on the initiating end or the receiving end of a difficult conversation, you have choices to make in the way you communicate.  Your choices will either fracture your relational connection or solidify it.

Choose wisely.

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