Speak Eagle

Blink. Don’t Blink.

I’m tackling the impossible: grocery shopping with three boys.  One has on a spiderman costume and attempts to fly down the bread aisle, another squishes grapes in the produce bag one-by-one, and the third is crying and rubbing his eyes because he had curiously looked underneath the soap dispenser in the bathroom and then pushed

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My husband handed me a large, beautifully wrapped package.  Four pairs of little-boy eyes watched in anticipation.  One boy said excitedly, “You’re gonna cry, Mommy!”  I carefully peeled back the paper and revealed the gift: an oil painting of tulips.  Wow. No tears came.  But I did smile.  “Thank you, honey!  It’s…it’s beautiful!” Tulips had

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Glorious, Not Tidy

Every year, without fail, I write down my New Year’s Resolution, “Organize House.” Maybe I should just create a template that I can use every year instead of having to expend energy in writing out those two words. It’s not that I don’t try. I do. I sort through endless school papers, give away boxes

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